Supply Chain Analyst
PPG Aerospace (2015 - Present)

When my previous position at PPG ended, I was moved onto the supply chain team to monitor and analyze work in progress on the manufacturing floor. This primarily involves training employees on the creation and maintenance of master item data and work orders and creating weekly reports that analyze the status of inventory, work in progress, and on-time delivery.

Podcast Host and Writer
Awkward Human (2015 - Present)

I co-host an upbeat podcast called What I Watched Last Night, which was the first show produced by the Awkward Human network. I also am a regular host of their flagship podcast, the Awkward Human Survival Guide. Additionally, I write posts about the state of entertainment, media, and gaming for their blog.

System Implementation Engineer
PPG Aerospace (2014 - 2015)

Although I'm technically not an engineer, PPG promoted me to this position to help aid with the transition from their existing resource planning system to a new one. I coordinated with various departments to ensure the accuracy of data and train employees on the new system processes.

Manufacturing Engineer Assistant
PPG Aerospace (2012 - 2014)

When I started at PPG I helped the manufacturing team run smoothly. Specifically, I aided in refining their operating procedures, assisted with routine quality inspections, and tracked parts and production flow throughout the facility. I also composed and distributed daily, weekly, and monthly reports to keep everyone up to date.

Administrative Assistant
Radnet (2008-2012)

At Radnet I made sure things ran smoothly for the Radiologists. I prepared medical images for doctor review and assisted with transcribing their reports. I'd ensure patient reports were accurate and corrected, if needed. On a daily basis I would enter new patient data and ensure it was filed away correctly.


Hawthorne High School
High school diploma (2000-2004)


I'm proficient in Microsoft Office and Google and Google Docs, and good with general Photoshop tasks.

My typing clocks in at 60+ WPM, I'm extremely organized with my work and time, and am handy with spreadsheets and databases alike.

Customer Service
I've handled all kinds of customer issues over email, in person, and on the phone.

I'm an avid gamer, comic reader, and sci-fi/fantasy nerd. I once won a chocolate bunny in a Mario Kart March Madness competition. I also crochet Pokémon in my free time.

Here's how to get ahold of me.

(310) 242-3670


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